All photography provided by various members

Our Lake Association has been a leader in preserving our joint lakes. Active membership participation drives our efforts forward.


Our Mission

To preserve and protect our lakes and their surroundings through enhancement of water quality, the fishery, safety, and the aesthetic values of the lakes as a public recreational facility for today and future generations. 


As one of the oldest Lake Associations in the area, with over 70% of the lake property owners being members, we are committed to the protection of our lakes. Through shore line inspections for invasive species, boat landing monitoring, improvement of our fisheries, and cooperative efforts with agencies involved in management of our lakes, we continue to seek means of not only maintaining but improving this resource and the interests of our membership.
— Pat Hayes, President SGLA

What We've Achieved

  • 2015 Clean Boats Clean Water Project - boat launch monitoring for invasive species.
  • Stocking extended growth Walleyes to jump start natural reproduction.
  • Crib building and sinking to increase fishery habitat. Totaling 17 Cribs.
  • Partnering with DNR to locate potential future spawning sites.
  •  Social Committee Establishment
  • Working with Towns to locate marker buoys. Marking Loon Watch nesting sites.
  • Establishing long range goals developed in conjunction with Onterra.
  • DNR lake fish survey.